About us

Easyreisenplatz was born from a collaboration between
Volonclick Tour Operator, OTO (online tour operator) of Volonline group and
Reisenplatz.com (bed banking and Swiss metasearch broker of the hotels contracts).

Reisenplatz brings together competitiveness, product completeness and a lot of international markets, where it has been already present.

Volonclick Tour Operator, on the other hand, is a technology, operational experience and consolidated possibility of air tickets purchase.

What we offer

Commercial synergy

Commercial synergy

Complete product

Complete product

Operational experience

Operational experience


Easyreisenplatz is a self-booking tool for travel agencies and a true online tour operator: it’s a tool of efficiency and productivity capable of ensuring the time saving and competitiveness for all agencies using it.

Easyreisenplatz is aimed at travel agencies that opt for dynamic packaging and make the product by aggregating different service lines such as
Flights – Hotels – Tours – Cruises – Packages – Transfers – Car rentals
all of which can be purchased as a single service same as Flight+Hotel package or Multi destination package.


Easyreisenplatz is a Swiss tour operator with international development is searching for the local partners also in your country-market.

Are you a GSA (General Sales Agent), agencies network, tour operator, OTA or you are interested in development of the sales with our platform?

You can do that under the brand name of Easyreisnplatz.com or under your brand name and business model!

Yes, I am!

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